Celebration 2023: He finds a “scratch off” winner lost in his Christmas decorations

A man from Montérégie had a pleasant surprise when he discovered a winning ticket for the 2023 Célébration in his Christmas decorations. So he collects $50,000 a few days before the deadline to claim his prize.

It was November 29th when Mathieu Labrie found his “scratch” intact while taking Christmas decorations out of the boxes with his family. He quickly discovered that there was a $50,000 prize hidden in the note.

“He couldn’t believe his eyes when he saw $50,000 on the screen! When Mr. Labrie presented himself to Loto-Québec, he had exactly 39 days left to claim his prize,” the state-owned company said in a press release.

The man in his thirties received the ticket as a gift last year.

This money comes at the right time for the father who, in addition to renovating his house, also wants to pamper his loved ones over the holidays.

Remember that the 2024 Célébration gala will take place on January 7 and will be broadcast on TVA.