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Space is making its way back into board games, whether it’s settling on another planet, building a base on Titan, building the ISS or paying homage to Star Trek! Think about this when it comes to end-of-year gifts.

Space board games

The essentials for Christmas (and beyond...) The essentials for Christmas (and beyond…)

The trend shows more of the firm beauty for Board games that appeal to an ever wider audience Thanks to an offer for all levels (child, family or even “expert” for the most experienced) and varied topics.


Look at the star Look at the star

Ultimate family game, Look at the stars invites everyone (ages 8 and up) to draw constellations on their paper (with erasable markers). However, these are not the actual constellations geometric figures that should best be arranged to collect the most points.

The theme of the sky map, however present, means this This Zen logic puzzle will attract most people. We are also pleased with the final page of the rulebook, which explains the cultural origins of certain constellations that inspired the illustrations, originating from ancient Greece, China, India, Africa, etc.

Published by Bombeyx
From 8 years
2 to 8 players
Games of 20 to 30 minutes


extraterrestrial extraterrestrial

It will seem surprising the first work in the Alien saga become a family game… However, this is the case here cooperative, where everyone works together to complete the missions received and thus triumph over the famous and unfriendly Xenomorph. The family aspect remains, because when our character (Ripley, Lambert, Dallas, Brett or Parker) encounters the unwanted creature in the corridors of the Nostromo ship, what occurs is not aggression, but rather a mental decline in the crew. We lose when that morale drops to zero.

The level of difficulty is well balanced for the target group and if we want a more difficult challenge we add the android Ash, who, like in the movie, is not there to help us.

Published by Ravensburger

From 10 years on
1 to 5 players
Games from 45 to 60 minutes


In the distant future, Ensure the transport of passengers from different worlds by creating wormholes (the wormholes of the title), in short, bridges in space-time! The game is won by making the most efficient connections to transport your alien customers (in card form) to the appropriate planets.

Subtlety: Enemies can borrow your wormholes, and in this case you will receive additional points. The tactical aspect of moving your ship (slowly) and creating bridges (quick shortcuts) remains very accessible and guarantees a family title.

Published by AEG/Ludistri

From 10 years on
1 to 5 players
45 minute games

Wormholes Wormholes


Released in 2016, the Terraforming Mars board game has been an ongoing success ever since and has received several expansions, including a version called Card Game (Arès Expedition) and now this is based on dice (although also with 159 cards and a board depicting Mars). Again, We play corporations that are terraforming the Red Planet (Hello Elon…) and whoever participates the most wins. The resources this time are dice that are rolled, but there are several ways to counteract the randomness.

This work is probably the most accessible and also the fastesteven if the 45 minutes on the box (at least for the first parts) are a bit optimistic.

Published by Fryxgames/Intrafin

14 years and older
1 to 4 players
45 minute games

Terraforming Mars Terraforming Mars

More information from Olivier Sanguy of La Cité de l’Espace