Bagnères-de-Bigorre. Séverine's concierge service at the service of rental companies –

The essentials It’s only been a few months since the Conciergerie de Séverine has been making life easier for tenants, especially for short periods of time.

This is a new service that Sèverine Craïssac has been offering since March 2023 with a concierge service, simply called “La Conciergerie de Sèverine”, which allows owners to rent out their property for short periods of time, for example to spa guests, seasonal guests , trainees or tourists without having to travel. In fact, the young woman takes care of everything and does so with a professionalism that has now earned her great professional recognition. Séverine found happiness in what she offers to others: “It is something that answered a need in Bagnères. There are many second homes, but also owners who rent out on well-known platforms and don’t necessarily live on site. It’s complicated.” If I want to travel from the other side of France, I make the connection, take care of access to the site, key collection, but also provide some information such as local restaurants or shopping, entertainment and activities in the city or surroundings.

People are therefore very well received, like in the hotel, because there are no key boxes or access codes here, Séverine is happy to be present: “I prefer physical contact and if necessary I can also offer a laundry service, lay out the bed linen, have everything ready. There are people who want to bring their bedding and others who don’t want to worry about it. What I like is the human contact, that the reception is not impersonal, but that people feel that they can rely on them. Likewise, when they leave, they can tell me what they think of their stay, whether it is in There is something to report or improve about the accommodation and I will pass it on.”

There are already concierge services in the city and in La Mongie, and Séverine therefore relies on their dynamism and availability to offer her service: “At the moment I work alone and travel within a 20-kilometer radius of Bagnères. At the beginning.” During the season I do the big cleaning and then take care of the routine cleaning between each tenant. In the city I react very quickly and I ride my bike, I love what I do. People are happy when someone stands in front of them with a smile, that’s important. I have a Facebook page, a Google page and I can be reached by phone at 06 41 05 45 29.

Priceless convenience for his customers who do not need to travel: “Especially with short-term rentals, people cannot travel through France for the tenants’ entry and exit, that’s my job. They contact me, we talk, they tell me their wishes, that’s it. “Easy.” Especially since he has entered into this blind relationship: “We are classified as concierge services, so we have to be at the top. We impose a certain discipline on ourselves, even if in my opinion we don’t need it.” On the other hand, I am always looking for more quality, that is what motivates me, so that customers are satisfied and confident.

The Sèverine concierge service can therefore be reached on 06 41 05 45 29.