Amazon: Super Mario Bros. game Wonder again this Tuesday at a good price – Le Parisien

As Christmas approaches, it is always a good idea to take advantage of the offers and promotions on Amazon, especially when it comes to video games: for example, the Nintendo Switch game Super Mario Bros. Miracles is currently available at a very attractive price. Super Mario Bros. continues the long line of games in the Mario saga. Wonder once again challenges you to liberate a kingdom attacked by Bowser. In this colorful platform game you have to complete levels again to reach your goal. Note that this game is recommended for children ages 3 and up and can be played together with up to 4 players to adventure with family or friends. Don’t miss the Nintendo Switch game Super Mario Bros. Wonder, it currently costs 44.16 euros on Amazon.

In this new adventure from Super Mario Bros. Marvel, available on Amazon, Mario must help Prince Florian scare away Bowser. This is how you discover a new universe, and a new universe means new powers for our favorite plumber. In Super Mario Bros. Wonder, for example, Mario can transform into an elephant and interact with the environment using his trunk to fight enemies or spray the scenery with water. Also note that each level contains a Prodigy Flower, which presents a unique challenge: once successful, you will receive a Prodigy Seed, essential to your progress in the adventure. Don’t wait for it to start: Prince Florian and his kingdom are waiting for you!

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