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SAN FRANCISCO, Dec. 1, 2023 /PRNewswire/ –AllTrails, the world’s largest and most trusted outdoor platform, has been named Apple’s iPhone App of the Year for its exceptional approach to helping people explore the outdoors.

AllTrails 2023 iPhone App of the Year

The 2023 App Store Awards recognize app and game developers that deliver meaningful user experiences and inspire cultural change. Out of nearly two million apps available in the App Store, AllTrails was named iPhone App of the Year for its innovative experience, user-friendly design and, according to Apple, for helping the world find its way out.

The team behind the AllTrails app is on a mission to share nature with as many people and in as many places as possible. By helping users plan and explore safely, AllTrails eliminates the challenges of accessing outdoor activities and helps millions of people around the world enjoy the mental and physical health benefits of being in nature . The free application has built a community of more than 60 million people and offers more than 420,000 selected routes in 191 countries.

“It’s an honor to see Apple App Store publishers recognize AllTrails’ commitment to getting people outside around the world,” said Ron Schneidermann, general manager of AllTrails. “This is an incredible milestone and a testament to our ongoing work to bring people of different backgrounds, abilities and experiences together in outdoor activities,” he added. We look forward to continuing to grow our community in 2024 and enhancing their outdoor experiences with even more innovations.

2023 was a year of strong growth for the San Francisco-based company with numerous platform updates. AllTrails has added many new features to its product suite including:

  • Preview routes? A revolutionary, immersive 3D video that helps users get a feel for any route, terrain and elevation
  • The community news feed? The expanded community feature helps users get inspiration from what others are doing on local trails. Hikers can visit the news feed to check hiking activity at each location.
  • Advance conditions? Updated weather conditions along each trail. Conditions include: temperature, number of mosquitoes, forecast conditions based on current weather conditions and historical weather conditions.
  • Statistics and achievements? A new and improved experience that helps users record their adventures and celebrate time spent outdoors. Hikers can track their progress, earn badges and see an inspiring snapshot of the outdoor activities completed
  • National park guide? Guides to over 200 national parks with advice on where to go, what to do and how to prepare
  • Improved route navigation? A tool that allows users to follow a planned route, record an actual route and easily find their way back to the starting point

AllTrails continues to be the most recognized digital brand and leader in the outdoor industry. In addition to this recent award, AllTrails is frequently named in the top 5 health and fitness apps.

About AllTrails
AllTrails helps you navigate the outdoors with in-depth reviews and inspiration from a global hiking community. Every day AllTrails helps more people get outside so they can have healthy, authentic experiences and have a greater appreciation for the outside world.

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