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Since he started, Lexibar is committed to raising awareness and supporting those affected by dysdisorders. In recent weeks, the organization has reached an important milestone with a communications campaign of unprecedented scale. Signed this campaign Medium agency was much more than just a marketing initiative; It was a total immersion in awareness and education about dysfunction.

Born out of a desire to raise awareness of the reality of people with “dys” (dyslexia, dyspraxia, dyscalculia, dysgraphia, dysorthography), this campaign aims to break isolation and celebrate their intellectual diversity. The campaign managed to capture the attention of millions of people across Quebec.

J’aime mon Dys was an important step in the realization of his mission. His main goal was:

  • Increase attention: There was a need to reach a wide audience to raise awareness of the reality of dysfunction. The goal was to create deep understanding and invite kindness and inclusion for all.
  • Inform and inform: Beyond raising awareness, the goal was to provide accurate and relevant information about dysdisorders. By educating the public, the campaign aimed to destroy prejudices and myths.
  • Reduce stigma: Addressing the stigma associated with dyslexia was a priority. By highlighting our ambassadors’ achievements and inspiring stories, the campaign aimed to change negative perceptions and promote a more inclusive vision.
  • Ensuring sustainability: Run an effective campaign that appeals to everyone and is renewed every year.
  • Another journey
    Despite their intelligence, endurance and great strength, “dys” people are all too often judged as lazy, stupid, less good, etc. Some even go so far as to talk about illness. It is then difficult for these people not to feel isolated and misunderstood. Your educational journey is full of struggles and the problem does not go away even after you graduate. Whether in life as an employee, employer, parent, customer, etc., people with learning disabilities will always face challenges and negative reactions.

    Fun fact: Did you know that famous people like Albert Einstein and Walt Disney were dyslexic?

    I love my Dys in numbers
    The communication campaign “J’aime mon dys” achieved remarkable figures. Social media spread the message heavily. The campaign reached a huge audience of more than 1.6 million people on the Facebook, Instagram and Tiktok platforms. The provision of educational packages has generated great interest among schools and teachers. Hundreds of educational packs were ordered, providing invaluable support to the cause. Interviews, whether online or through various media, helped expand the campaign’s reach and reach thousands more people. The results exceed initial expectations and demonstrate the commitment and interest of the community and public.

    The ambassadors
    At the heart of this awareness campaign are the ambassadors of J’aime mon dys. Their dedication and commitment were the cornerstones of the campaign’s success. The Middle Agency thanks you Steve BeginCampaign spokesperson and Olivia LeclercWeb Ambassador, for proudly embodying and representing J’aime mon dys!

    They were the voice of the campaign, bringing their experiences, stories and support to this initiative. Their role went far beyond mere representation: they embodied the authenticity and reality of people affected by dysfunction. This collaboration was one of the key success factors of the campaign.

    The media is talking about it
    The team was able to attract media attention through various platforms, making the cause of dysdisorders more visible. Several media outlets such as Ohdio, Le Journal de Montréal, Mononews and Qub disseminated the campaign’s key messages to a wide audience, reaching many attentive listeners. The presence of Steve Bégin as representative of J’aime mon dys on the radio waves of Salut Bonjour was a real success, reaching a diverse and now attentive audience. TVA Sports’ online publications also helped expand the campaign’s reach.

    This media visibility has made it possible to expand audiences and reach diverse communities. But the most significant impacts are often felt at the individual level, as our community members can observe.

    The community bears witness
    The true heroes of this campaign are those whose lives have been touched and changed by the actions of J’aime mon dys. Here is the moving testimony of Maryline, who expresses her relief when she learned that her daughter Cloé, who is dyslexic and dysorthographic, could benefit from a tool like Lexibar throughout her school career!

    “When we found out about my children’s diagnosis, their wonderful neuropsychiatrist immediately reassured us by saying, ‘Hey…don’t worry about it…It’s so much less dramatic to be dyslexic-dysorthographic in 2017 , than when we were.” were still young in the 80s or even the early 2000s. There are now many tools and resources to help children learn! We’re going to give them a computer and they’re going to learn to use it like someone who wears a prosthesis so they can walk and run!” It was a relief to be able to see exactly what was wrong and what my children were worried about posed challenges… Even in kindergarten, Cloé had “problems with letters and syllables”. In the 4th year we noticed that things were no longer going well and went to a private doctor after school without waiting. Now in secondary school 3, she has self-confidence, is motivated, hard-working and determined and wants to become a doctor! I can’t imagine her journey if she didn’t have her tech tools, including Lexibar! Like Steve Bégin, my partner, who had major challenges in his school career and left school quite early, realized that he was probably dyslexic and dysorthographic too! Doing a craft job for him was like a sport for Steve, allowing him to make a very good living without his dysfunction affecting him too much! Now kids have so many more options that they can consider all possibilities!”

    This testimony reflects the deep and personal impact this campaign has had on the lives of people with dysfunction. They represent the reason why stakeholders are putting everything into this important awareness campaign.

    The “I love my dys” campaign will be back with a new edition in 2024.

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