Advertising for Hydro-Québec: Martin St-Louis’ stamp is kept secret

Martin St-Louis stars in a TV commercial as part of a new $2.4 million Hydro-Québec advertising campaign. The Canadian head coach justifies the energy transition by saying that “everyone has to do their part.” Gamein the Game “.

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“But to do it, you also need a good attack and for that we have to produce more hydropower, wind power, solar energy,” says the former star hockey player as he shoots pucks into the net. Advertising is broadcast both on television and on the Internet.

The Journal sought to determine whether Hydro-Québec paid Martin St-Louis for this ad and, if so, what his fee was. But on both the Hydro side and the Canadian side, we want to keep the information secret.

“The fee paid to Martin St-Louis is confidential information and is protected by contract. This will be covered by the total budget of this advertising campaign, which is in the same range as our campaigns in recent years,” replied Jonathan Côté, spokesman for Hydro-Québec.

“We will not be commenting on the matter,” said Charles Saindon-Courtois, communications manager for the Canadian Hockey Club, simply.

Up to $250,000, says one expert

According to experts contacted by Le Journal, Martin St-Louis’ fee could range from $50,000 to $250,000, depending on the parameters of the agreement, in particular the number of broadcast and distribution channels and the different roles that the Canadian’s coach will have to play .

“It’s also expensive because it’s on TV. Only on the web it wouldn’t be so expensive, analyzes Karim Leduc, head of the Dulcedo agency, a company that specializes in the marketing and representation of artists and athletes. If it’s more expensive than $250,000, it wouldn’t surprise me. »

It is possible that St-Louis was part of a short list of candidates for this tender, adds Karim Leduc. “He may be in demand, but not as much as he was in his best years as a player. A retired person is often cheaper. In such a situation, companies look for their personality to achieve the best possible visibility,” he says.

Martin St-Louis’ TV spot is the main element of a $2.4 million Hydro-Québec energy transition campaign, Hydro-Québec told us. According to our sources, the campaign is in the hands of the communications agency LG2.

According to Hydro-Québec’s Jonathan Côté, this advertising campaign has the same financial character as previous years. Therefore, in his opinion, it would be “surprising” if Martin St-Louis received several hundred thousand dollars, since previous campaigns had not involved such a highly paid “star”.


Martin St-Louis signed a three-year contract with the Canadian in June 2022. His salary has not been disclosed, but according to the website CapFriendly, his salary would be $3 million per season.

– In collaboration with Mathieu Boulay

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