A maximum of noise against AIDS: an atypical festival in Perpignan with a maximum of humanity – L’Indépendant

When we talk about AIDS, we teleport straight to the 1980s. This saptio-temporal effect, this traumatic error left its mark on adolescents who were preparing for an active sexual life in the mid-1980s. Snow Jeans, ET and Thriller. The shock of the appearance of these scum castrated the most intrepid and discouraged the most fearful. And today ?

What about the shameful phenomenon? Are the AIDS years after the Covid surge, which took first place on the podium in the light of the 2020s, no more than a vague memory in the magma of current catastrophes? Not sure. Marie Médus, doctor at SMIT in Perpignan Hospital and main speaker and organizer of Un Max de Bruit Contre le Sida, places HIV in its current rhythm. Less headline-grabbing but no less terrible: HIV is still here, a silent threat that still infects 1.3 million people in the world, with 39 million carriers, mostly native to Africa. For France, there are 5,200 new infections per year and 150,000 carriers, including 30,000 who ignore each other and pass the poisoned gift on to friends.

Un Max de Bruit still attracts so many activists

Un Max de Bruit still attracts so many activists, JC Milhet

One pill a day

Un Max de Bruit has been offering a little lightness for 9 years. An atypical festival that brings together a whole range of actors interested in the cause and belonging to what we can describe as a movement that took shape in the activism of the 90s. This health democracy emerged, as Marie Médus explains to us, with HIV, a concept that puts the main actors at the center of the healing process while unsettling the inviolable pedestal of the doctor. A radical protest that pushed boundaries with the powerful actions of Act Up in the 90s, shedding light on the problems facing LGBT communities. We remember this valetudinary era, when the ostracism promoted by Lepen and his pocket hunters pilloried AIDS patients. Today, advances in triple therapy make it possible to live a normal life with HIV by swallowing one pill daily. Preventive treatments (pre-exposure prophilaxis) for risk groups (heterosexuals with multiple partners and homosexuals without condoms) also significantly reduce the trend towards new infections.
So let’s celebrate together for one evening, on December 8th from 7:00 p.m. at the Casa Musicale and continuing on December 1st, World HIV Day, as the experienced CGT demonstrators say.

The Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence will free you from all your sins

The Sisters of Eternal Pleasure will free you from all your sins, JC Milhet

The militant fairies

A Max of Noise, free and for everyone, with three groups programmed by session manager Laurent Allart: Modwheel (pop), Iapé Afrobeat and l’Avant-Garde (garage rock), all from the area. The vocal ensemble Melting Potes opens the evening, with Hip-Hop de la Casa and Jet Cabaret providing two interludes between the set changes.
At the Pride march in Perpignan and at the Marseille association “Encore Heureuse” a photo exhibition is continuously shown that shows the difficult everyday lives of HIV-infected women. Among the 14 associations represented on the site we can mention “Les Fées Militantes”, which precisely contribute to easing the difficult days of the most vulnerable women. They benefit entirely from the proceeds from the drinks bar, which they enthusiastically run in the evenings. So let go!

The Jet Cabaret troupe will perform some pieces from their show

The Jet Cabaret troupe will perform some pieces from their show Jet Cabaret

Noisy and feverish room

From Family Planning to Welcome 66, from Cimade to Aides, from the Refuge to LGBT66, to the Maison de vie du Roussillon, SOS Homophobia, the MRAP… The stands will be active in the noisy and feverish space where human warmth is not in vain is concept.
These associations, as Marie explains, are the historic HIV network and support patients by playing an essential role in the healing process. Partners such as the Perpignan Hospital, Casa Musicale, the department and Corevih support this unique evening around this fundamental cause. Does that appeal to you?