A little story from times past: In Aulnoy the moon… at lunchtime – La Voix du Nord

“Aulnoy. Fight between Elise A… and Augustine M… The first attacked her opponent with her hooves and even with a knife, who of course retaliated. The neighbors had to separate the two fighters. In the heat of the argument (hide your face, humble reader), Elise A…’s mother had pulled up her skirts and flashed her bottom to her daughter’s opponent. » (Impartial, February 18, 1885).

Unusual appearance

A few weeks later, the same newspaper gave us the report of the hearing: “We reported that on February 13, at about 11:30 a.m., as the sun lit up a wide horizon, several residents of ‘Aulnoy were surprised to see a 53-year-old moon (1) just a few meters from our planet. The circumstances surrounding it unusual appearance deserve to be reported in detail.


In a courtyard where a few households lived, two neighbors were arguing and the words they used to subdue each other seemed to be nothing less than pleasantries. The vocabulary of shrews, p…, g… etc. have completely gone through it. Wooden shoes and other objects had their trajectories described in space. Finally, a final forcefully thrown hoof echoed with a dull sound in the ear of one of the fighters and, even faster than the hoof, the epithet “c…pourri” had caused the woman’s eardrums to vibrate unpleasantly. the same heroine. She doesn’t like it when anyone lies about her, and to prove that cleanliness and excellent health are not incompatible with her 53 winters, She lifted her petticoats and showed the moon to her opponent and the stunned witnesses (2) around midday. Justice seemed to prefer that there had been a solar eclipse and condemned this calamity to hide this piece of evidence in prison, whose presentation they considered unnecessary for the debates. » (March 22, 1885)