A great opportunity this weekend: get the powerful MacBook Air at a reduced price – Ouest-France

When we talk about the MacBook Air with the M1 chip, we are not talking about just any laptop, but about a model that represented a real revolution in its industry. The level of performance offered by the Apple chip allows it to reach an unprecedented technical level for a laptop of this class. Together with 8GB of RAM and 256GB of storage in SSD format, it runs any software, including creative, video or photo software, with outrageous ease. And we could also talk for a long time about the improved autonomy thanks to the micro-engraving of the chip, which offers 6 hours of autonomy compared to the previous model. Everything about this MacBook Air M1 is exceptional.

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A MacBook Air for under 1000 euros

There are probably no better deals than the one from the BHV store on Rakuten on a MacBook. It’s simple, it’s offered for 999 euros. A price that is already very well placed and far from that of the marketing at the end of 2020. However, at this price you will also have to deduct the 10 percent voucher or 99.90 euros, which will be credited to you on a next order validation. This is the advantage of choosing a big brand store on Rakuten. You benefit from the price of one, the bonus of the other, the payment options of the first and the delivery conditions of the second. And so, long before the Christmas holidays, we benefit from a powerful MacBook Air at the price of a classic laptop. But this is an Apple product.

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