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With the arrival of the MacBook Pro M3, a debate arises about the capacity of its 8 GB of RAM. Between Apple’s claims and experts’ doubts, where is the truth? Here are some tests to see more clearly.

8GB RAM a sufficient choice for MacBook Pro M3s No.jSource: Max Tech

The launch of the MacBook Pro M3 with 8GB of unified memory for 2000 euros has sparked a heated debate. Apple has defended this configuration, saying that 8GB on its devices is equivalent to 16GB on a standard PC. However, this statement is not unanimous in the tech community, as some consider the storage capacity to be insufficient, especially for a model that is considered an entry-level model.

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Vadim Yuryev from YouTube channel Max Tech conducted an experiment by purchasing two M3 MacBook Pros, one with 8GB and the other with 16GB of storage, to compare their performance.

The performance difference is present in all tests

His tests showed clear differences at medium to high workloads. Especially when it comes to tasks like Cinebench rendering, merging photos in Photoshop, and exporting media to Final Cut and Adobe Lightroom Classic. The results showed a clear superiority of the 16 GB version.

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Yuryev also simulated everyday usage scenarios such as surfing the Internet, watching YouTube videos, writing documents, and sending emails.

Source: Max Tech

Source: Max Tech

Source: Max Tech

Source: Max Tech

Under these conditions, the performance gap widened even further, with crashes reported on the 8GB model during demanding operations such as Blender rendering and Final Cut export. These observations lead to a clear conclusion: For users with high performance needs, the 8GB of storage on the MacBook Pro M3 can be limiting.

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