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News JVTech “80% of my budget”: This gamer created a PC with two RTX 4090s, but no one can understand why he did it

Published on December 25, 2023 at 8:10 p.m


To build your gaming PC, you have to make decisions. And if you’ve never dared to take the plunge, always tell yourself that there are people worse than you…

A “PC” with two Nvidia RTX 4090 graphics cards…

Whenever you hear something unexpected about the PC and gaming world, it’s probably coming from the r/pcmasterrace subreddit on Reddit.

User memechinelearning shared a photo of his new PC. The first thing you might notice: The PC is mounted on a wooden board. Pretty original, we have to admit, but the best is yet to come. In fact, we find not one, but two RTX 4090, THE most powerful graphics card on the market currently.

Reddit memechinelearning

80 of my budget This gamer created a PC with

This model is designed to play in 4K with a very good refresh rate, even more if desired, especially thanks to DLSS 3. But then why two RTX 4090?

In fact, a pretty relevant comment was made on this topic in a comment. The SLI disappeared a long time ago, That is, pair two graphics cards to get extra performance. The Scalable Link interface was primarily intended for professionals who needed significant computing power for very specific tasks. However, SLI is not possible with RTX graphics cards.

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The apology provided by the user is as follows:

Local LLM. With two RTX 4090s you have similar performance to ChatGPT without the censorship of OpenAI. Now I can start my role play with my “cat girl”… Finally, I start building an AI to automate my work.

In a humorous tone, the author of the post answers the question by talking about the local LLM, for Large Language Model, a deep learning method that can use a lot of data through a neural network. A bit like ChatGPT, which the author is referring to. He may want to use the computing power of the two RTX 4090s to make a “cat friend” or automate his work… your choice…

80 of my budget This gamer created a PC with

A PC configuration that is not balanced at all

It’s all well and good having two RTX 4090s, but the rest of the configuration still needs to follow…

The author states that he assembled this PC on a refurbished motherboard, an ASRock X570, available for around 150 euros. So an AM4 socket with which he has equipped an AMD Ryzen 9 5950X processor with 64 GB of RAM (also overhauled).

The author points out that he was able to save quite a bit of money by not having to use an AMD Threadripper processor on a dedicated motherboard, which would have cost him a lot more.

Although this is not a configuration specifically intended for gaming, despite the two RTX 4090, keep in mind that cryptocurrency miners used powerful graphics cards for farming. However, the author stated that 80% of his budget was spent on the RTX 4090, and given its performance and price, this is understandable.

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