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If the Christmas stocking tradition is popular in your area, you might like this list of Dollarama finds to treat your favorite people without breaking the bank. The magic of an exciting, well-stocked stash is definitely in the little, affordable surprises, and the Dollar Store is a goldmine!

The perfect stocking undoubtedly includes a few practical things, surprises to make you feel good and a few small personal details. Here are 19 for $5 and under.

The Wet Brush for wet hair

Black Wet Brush hairbrush with white patterns.

The Wet Brush for wet hair is sold at Dollarama.

@iza.bee | Narcity Quebec

Price: $5

Wet brushes are sold at pharmacies, hair salons, and even on Amazon for around fifteen dollars. This is a device that gently detangles wet hair and is a must for long hair. Get one for yourself at this price too!

Crazy stockings

\u200b\u200bBlue socks with egg and bacon motifs.  Right: Four pairs of pink Mean Girls stockings.

Fancy socks. Right: Four pairs of Mean Girls stockings sold at Dollarama.

@iza.bee | Narcity Quebec

Price: $2.25 to $4

Getting stockings at Christmas can be disappointing…or really exciting! In the “exciting” category are Central Perk’s “Friends”-style socks, “Mean Girls”-style socks (including a “Burn Book” pair), or crazy eggs-and-bacon socks.

Lounge bottoms

Pair of padded wool socks with different patterns.

Sherpa-lined lounge socks sold at Dollarama.

@iza.bee | Narcity Quebec

Price: $4

I have to admit that I buy these stockings every year to put in “cocooning” boxes for my favorite people. These lined socks are perfect for keeping your feet warm while watching Ciné-Cadeau!

Slippers boots

Pink fur boot slippers lined with white sherpa.

Boot slippers sold at Dollarama.

@iza.bee | Narcity Quebec

Price: $4.50

Similar to lined stockings, these kitten slippers, available in multiple colors, provide the comfort and warmth we crave in the days between Christmas and New Year when we don’t know exactly today’s date!

Decorative candle

Blue decorative candle in the shape of a cube consisting of a group of bubbles.

Decorative candle sold at Dollarama.

@iza.bee | Narcity Quebec

Price: $2

In white or blue, this little decorative candle is simply super cute.

Hair ties

Hair ties available in different colors in a set.

Various colors of hair ties available at Dollarama.

@iza.bee | Narcity Quebec

Price: $4

Whether dyed or not, small or large, hair ties, also known as scrunchies, are versatile and at the same time gentle on the hair. You can choose your models and colors depending on the person for whom the gift is intended.

Gua Sha

Pink Gua Sha in its white and pink box.

Gua Sha is sold at Dollarama.

@iza.bee | Narcity Quebec

Price: $4.50

Gua Sha massage is a technique derived from traditional Chinese medicine that has gained popularity in recent years, largely due to social media. Beauty fans are sure to love this find.

Barbie nail file

Two pink nail files with

Barbie nail file sold at Dollarama.

@iza.bee | Narcity Quebec

Price: $1.50

Those who have embraced the Barbie craze in 2023 will love this limited edition Dollo find that will allow them to continue seeing life in pink!

Dry shampoo

Batiste brand dry shampoo with wildflower scent.

Batiste brand dry shampoo sold at Dollarama.

@iza.bee | Narcity Quebec

Price: $5

Dry shampoo should not be missing in the “small practical gift” category. The Batiste brand is one of the most popular due to its effectiveness and good smell.

Goat milk bubble bath

Four varieties of Caprina Goat Milk Bubble Baths are on display at Dollarama.

Caprina Goat Milk Bubble Bath sold at Dollarama.

@iza.bee | Narcity Quebec

Price: $4

At $4 for 800ml it’s a bargain, while this bubble bath is sold at Jean Coutu for $6.99, so 70% more expensive. The person you know who loves bubble baths will have a great time with this product, which comes in different variations: mint and eucalyptus, shea butter, orchid flower extract or original.

Lip balm

Different lip balms: Nivea and Blistex.

Lip balms are sold at Dollarama.

@iza.bee | Narcity Quebec

Price: $3.50

Chapped lip season is in full swing and having a lip balm on hand is always welcome.

Travel formats

Area filled with mini sizes for travel: shampoo, toothpaste, cream, deodorants, etc.

Travel formats sold at Dollarama.

@iza.bee | Narcity Quebec

Price: $1.25 to $4

The frequent travelers around you will certainly be happy about these small formats, which are always a bit expensive but very practical. Shampoo, conditioner, mouthwash, toothpaste and more are offered and fit perfectly into the stocking.

For people who like to use their favorite brand when traveling, Dollo also offers empty glasses that you can fill yourself. This last option is also more ecological!

Restorative foot mask

\u200b\u200bCICA repair mask for feet from Aveeno in yellow and cream packaging.

CICA Feet Repair Mask by Aveeno sold at Dollarama.

@iza.bee | Narcity Quebec

Price: $4.75

Aveeno is a tried and tested brand and at $4.75 instead of $5.99 at Jean Coutu it’s interesting. Self-care treatments are generally very popular during the holiday season, and it is also a gift that goes perfectly with the large, warm-lined stockings featured above.

Different gel pens

24 gel pens in different neon and metallic colors in one pack.

Various gel pens available at Dollarama.

@iza.bee | Narcity Quebec

Price: $4.50

The older ones will revert to childhood and the younger ones will simply stumble. These gel pens are pretty exciting and it’s surprising to see such a large pack at such a low price. Twelve metallic colors and twelve neon colors are offered in this set.


Marker pens that mimic the Paper Mate Flair in pastel colors are sold at Dollarama.

Marker pens are sold at Dollarama.

@iza.bee | Narcity Quebec

Price: $4

These marker pens are a perfect “replica” of the popular Paper Mate Flair. In pastel colors, they are ideal for filling your appointment calendar with good intentions and little words of love!


White notebook with motifs of pineapples, unicorns, girl power and more.

Notebook sold at Dollarama.

@iza.bee | Narcity Quebec

Price: $2

This notebook is just super cute and will appeal to anyone who loves the “girly” aesthetic.

Creative coloring book

Black coloring book for adults with metallic gold motifs.  Sold with eight pencils.

Creative coloring book sold at Dollarama.

@iza.bee | Narcity Quebec

Price: $4

Passionate artists will love this inexpensive art find that can keep them busy for hours.

“Thank You” milk chocolate bars

White boxes of milk chocolate with the words

Boxes of “Merci” milk chocolate sold at Dollarama.

@iza.bee | Narcity Quebec

Price: $2.75

Not only is this chocolate bar delicious, it also sends a message that we don’t say often enough: THANK YOU!

It fits perfectly in a Christmas stocking, but is also a perfect little gift for the people around you, such as a helpful neighbor, a postman or a beautician.

Lindt Lindor chocolates

\u200b\u200bLindor chocolates from Lindt in their little golden box.

Lindt Lindor chocolates are sold at Dollarama.

@iza.bee | Narcity Quebec

Price: $1.25

I don’t recommend overdoing it on chocolate gifts, simply because you often get a ridiculous amount as a gift. On the other hand, if you are offering a sweet treat, I recommend going for quality!

The little Lindt Lindor balls with fondant inside are simply delicious and you can find many varieties at Dollarama: milk chocolate, hazelnut chocolate, dark chocolate or an assorted set.

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